about us



A little about the team…

We are Caitlyn and Kimberley, friends, food lovers and now business partners! We met when we were both living abroad in London, standing in line for a flight to Munich, Germany. We started chatting, exchanged numbers and Caitlyn mentioned coming over for a platter and wine when we were both back in London. A week or so later it happened, Kimberley ventured the whole 5 minute walk to Caitlyn’s place. We instantly bonded over our love of cheese (and wine), although there was one slight issue…Caitlyn didn’t have any meats on the platter. Kimberley coming from a European background was horrified and was sure to make it known! We quickly recovered from the mishap and from that day on any platter we made featured both CHEESE and MEAT. We often reminisce and laugh at this story and how far our friendship, tastebuds and food knowledge has come.

Our business came about from the two of us often being called on to make platters for friends, we joked about doing it ‘seriously’ and now here we are. Caitlyn the cheese guru and Kimberley the meat enthusiast…with our powers combined, we are Cured to Crumble!

We are here to share our love of sourcing the best tasting produce, presenting it in an ‘almost too good to eat’ kind of way and to bring friends, families and strangers together to graze (with your hands of course).

Each grazing table is made ‘with love’ from us to you.